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We are a member of the Bedale Cluster of schools and a member of the Swaledale Alliance.

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Caring - Aspiring - Excelling



Our vision is for our children to develop into caring, open-minded, confident individuals who are able to take their place in our changing world by developing enquiring minds and the skills needed for lifelong learning working towards achieving their ultimate potential.



We aim:

  • To develop confident children who recognise the importance of learning from mistakes and who also recognise and celebrate achievements in all areas of school life.
  • To meet the needs of all pupils and ensure their inclusion regardless of race, religion, sex and disability.
  • To provide our children with challenging, stimulating, purposeful and enjoyable learning experiences in order to develop a lifelong love of learning.
  • To set high expectations of behaviour by developing politeness, mutual respect and a sense of personal responsibility.
  • To involve children and staff in creating and maintaining a safe, secure, clean and stimulating environment
  • To engage with parents in the education of their children
  • To encourage our children to take an active part in their local community whilst fostering and maintaining links with the wider national and global community ready to take the next steps in their education.
  • To involve children in assessing their achievements and setting targets in order for them to develop in all areas to the best of their individual capabilities
  • To keep our resources up-to-date in order to help children take their place in our rapidly changing world.

    Up to July 2016 children at Hunton and Arrathorne CP School were taught in two classes.  FS/Y1/Y2 made one class and Y3/4/5/6 made the other class with Y5/6 being taught separately for English, maths and science. Since September 2016, due to an increase in pupil numbers, the children have been taught in three classes: 

Class 1 - EYFS/Y1

Class 2 - Y2/3/4

Class 3 - Y5/6

Class 1 are taught the FS and Y1 curriculum and have the opportunity to apply and extend their independent learning through 'Jigsaw Learning'.

Classes 2 and 3 are taught the appropriate areas of the National Curriculum. Some subjects such as mathematics are taught on a one year plan but others like history and geography are taught from a four year programme.

If you cannot find the information that you require about our curriculum, please contact the headteacher, Mrs Joanne Grainger, via the school office.