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If your child cannot attend school, please contact school before 9.00 a.m. and give us some indication as to when we should expect to see your child back at school. On your child’s return to school please send in a letter confirming the reason for your child’s absence..


From September 2013 new government regulation no longer allows schools to authorise leave of absence except in “exceptional circumstances”.  We will therefore no longer be able to authorise holidays during term time. 

If there are exceptional circumstances which mean that you need to take your son or daughter out of school, please make a request in writing explaining the reason (or complete the leave of absence form).

The following link gives guidance on suggested absence times for various ailments in order to control infections:

Public Health Guidance

If you need to apply for leave of absence during term time due to exceptional circumstances you will need to complete and submit the form below to the headteacher:

Our governing body has set a target of 95% attendance as the minimum for this school year. 

A persistent absentee is defined as a pupil with attendance below 90%. Whilst we are aware that absence due to illness cannot be helped, we still think that parents should be aware of how that has affected their child’s attendance. To that end, at the end of each half term, we will send letters to parents/carers of pupils with a cumulative attendance of below 94%, just to make them aware of the situation.