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Physical Education

INTENT – The Physical Education Curriculum

We strive in delivering outstanding PE that allows pupils to be physically active, thrive in a broad range of physical activities and engage in competitive sports in a safe and challenging environment.

Our intent is for pupils to:

  • Thoroughly enjoy being physically active and have the confidence to participate in different sports
  • Practise skills in a range of activities and to have the highest of expectations of themselves when performing these individually, in small groups and within a team
  • Develop high levels of physical fitness through being active for sustained periods of time
  • Understand the important of leading a healthy lifestyle through regular exercise and healthy nutrition
  • Be advocates of PE and confidently talk about their achievements
  • Experience a broad diet of P.E and School Sport through curriculum and enhanced time.

IMPLEMENTATION – The Physical Education Curriculum

At Hunton & Arrathorne, we place children’s health and physical fitness at the heart of our learning experiences. We are committed to ensuring that all of our children have access to at least three hour’s physical activity per week – some of this through timetabled P.E lessons and some through extra-curricular activities and active playtimes.

Our teachers are supported by the skills and expertise of a P.E Specialist who teaches the P.E curriculum alongside them. This is further supplemented by visits and visitors – for example each class has the opportunity to work with a dance coach for the spring term – an area which we felt was previously lagging in our P.E offer; we establish close links with tennis coaches and other specialist providers. We are also committed to ensuring the children access a range of sporting activities out of school and use our Sports Premium money to develop this. Children enjoy visits where they are given the opportunity to ski, snowboard, orienteer alongside the military and take part in equestrian events. We firmly believe the P.E curriculum at Hunton & Arrathorne is broad and balanced with requirements for both the KS1 and KS2 curriculum addressed in full.

The structure of the long term plan allows our children to spend a thorough amount of time developing skills. We expect children to apply these skills in a competitive context throughout a unit of learning. Knowledge of health and fitness runs throughout all aspects of the curriculum. Recently, we have explored links between subjects such as science, mathematics and design and technology which further enhances the children’s ability to value health and fitness, linking closely to our intent.

Children in the Foundation Stage access physical development through the outdoor area and regular work in class. Children have the opportunity to swim for one term per year. In the summer term, Y5 & Y6 children revisit the pool to work on essential lifesaving skills for six weeks.

As well as our school’s own long term planning and the provision of visits and visitors, progression in P.E is further enhanced through our School Sports Partnership work, aligning our curriculum and extra-curricular offer with competition timetables.

We proudly work in partnership with the local community to deliver our P.E curriculum – using the village hall on a Tuesday and Wednesday afternoon for lessons. We use the school grounds and invest sensibly in equipment which the children respect and look after.

Alongside the core curriculum P.E offer, Sports Leaders offer active break-times and lunchtimes and take responsibility for organising physical wellbeing activities. A range of extra-curricular activities are also offered, most of which are paid for by school, and uptake is increasing.

IMPACT – The Physical Education Curriculum

We assess the impact of Physical Education and Sport at our school in a variety of ways, including:

  • We aim for all children make outstanding progress in PE and enjoy participating in sport
  • The profile of PE and sport is widely recognised and highly celebrated within school
  • Termly tracking of standards across the curriculum using Insight.
  • Staff have increased confidence when delivering high quality PE lessons
  • Pupils talk confidently about PE and their learning

For further details of the impact of our P.E curriculum, please view our PESSP (P.E & School Sports Premium) document