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We are a member of the Bedale Cluster of schools and a member of the Swaledale Alliance.

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Hunton & Arrathorne Results 2018


Pupils eligible for Key Stage 2 assessment:                        8


Percentage of pupils achieving the expected

standard in reading, writing and mathematics:                    25%


Average progress in reading:                                            -1.3                      


Average progress in mathematics:                                    -0.9


Average progress in writing:                                              0.1




Percentage of pupils achieving the higher standard in

reading, writing and mathematics (combined)





Percentage of pupils achieving higher standard in reading                13%


Percentage of pupil achieving greater depth in writing                      25%


Percentage of Pupils achieving greater depth in

spelling, punctuation and grammar                                                 25%


Percentage of pupils achieving higher standard in mathematics           0%



Average scaled score in reading:                                       102

Average scaled score in mathematics:                                 99 





2016 saw a huge change in Key Stage 2 assessment.  The following booklet (specifically written for parents and carers) outlines some of these changes and explains in more detail how and why results from years prior to 2016 cannot be compared with results in 2016, 2017 and 2018.


DfE Parents' Booket




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