Hunton & Arrathorne CP School’s PSHE curriculum is based on the Programmes of Study devised by the PSHE Association. The programmes of study have been divided into three core themes: Health & Well-being, Relationships and Life in the Wider World.

The programme builds in a developmental progression by revisiting themes year on year, building on and extending prior learning. Although content is organised under different headings from those used in the content grids of the Department for Education’s statutory guidance on Relationships Education, RSE and Health education, each Programme Builder covers all of the statutory requirements for their phase, within a comprehensive PSHE education programme. And although each takes a slightly different approach, they each cover all of the Programme of Study learning opportunities for their phase as well.

Our long term plan divides our children into 4 main groups: Y1; Y2; Y3/4 and Y5/6

Y2 are usually taught in a mixed class with Y3/4 but the nature of this subject makes it more appropriate for their curriculum to be taught separately, if staffing allows.

As Y3/4 and Y5/6 are taught together, their curriculum will be taught over 2 years A & B which means that Y2 may move onto the Y3/4 curriculum on either of these years.

Our curriculum is based on a question-led approach and this will also apply to our PSHE curriculum. Key Stage 1 is based on ‘What?’ and ‘Who?’ whilst Key Stage 2 moves on to ‘Why?’ and ‘How?’ Teaching builds according to the age and needs of the pupils throughout the primary phase with suggested developmentally appropriate learning objectives given to respond to each key question.

PSHE is taught in individual lessons but issues relating to PSHE may also be considered in Circle Time, Assemblies, Philosophy sessions or science lessons.

Documents to accompany our curriculum statement:

RSE Policy

Long term plan

Medium term plan

PSHE Programme of Study

Please click on the link below to see our long term plans for PSHE.

PSHE long term plans

Parental Consultation